About US

Fred Shambora and Barbara Gargan opened the doors to Freddie's in 1995. Freddie's is truly a family restaurant. Rob Gargan, Barbara's son, is the General Manager.

Freddie's serves authentic Italian cuisine in an Irish pub atmoshphere. You'll hear Al Martino crooning in the background.

There's a small friendly bar serving the best martinis in the area.

Think about how true tomato, meat or marinara sauce should taste, one that has been simmered for eight hours... this is what ours is! The melt-in-your-mouth lasagna features fine layers of fresh pasta enveloped with a bolognese tomato sauce and ricotta cheese, topped with a blanket of melted mozzarella.

Freddie's has become known as the best "pork chop restaurant" serving up truly mouth-watering chop creations. Freddie's special chop is a huge center cut chop, grilled to perfection then demi-glazed in a wonderful original balsamic reduction. It is served with cherry peppers and sided with ramekins of balsamic sauce and apple sauce.

Freddie's offers a wide variety of Italian/ American cuisine choices with moderately priced entrees.

In an area which is not blessed with true Italian/American cuisine, Freddie's is a MUST!

Barb's Salad Dressing

Want to enjoy Barb's Salad Dressing in your own home?

Barb's Salad Dressing is made by the owner herself, Barbara Gargan. It's slightly sweet, opening your taste buds to fill them with a fusion of fresh herbs and oils. Since it was introduced several years ago, it has been a winner!


Great spicy mussels, we couldn't get enough of the sauce. This was our first time down to Kure beach but if we're ever back we will definitely be making another stop here.

Steve S., Philadelphia, PA

Awesome! You'd never know what a great place is going on inside if you passed by. You can tell the place has been there awhile, and I can't imagine how many hurricanes it has endured. You gotta eat here! The chef does awesome work, and the atmosphere is a great romantic setting.

Dennis H., Winterville, NC

Even though I'm not changing my rating, I must write about Freddie's again. We had my birthday dinner there this week as they were one of the only nice restaurants who stayed open through the 'snow storm'. Such a great place. The food was great as usual. The only problem (if you can call it a problem) is that we ordered a full carafe of wine and drank the whole darned thing. For me, a half-glass of wine a night kind of a girl, it was very lush. And then I proceded to throw half of my leftovers on the ground while trying to form a snowball. Such a waste of good food! Another plus is that it wasn't as pricey as I had remembered. Even with all that wine, it was only $50 for the two of us. Not bad for such great food.

Erin S., Carolina Beach, NC

I've been around the world eating food, On top of that I grew up in a neighborhood outside of Chicago where you are either Italian or Swedish.... I'm blonde. But the food I had was amazing. And Freddie's is amazing! The food and service is incredible. If you are in Kure Beach, you owe if to yourself to eat here.

Bradford S., Durham, NC

From NYC and have been down to kure beach 4 times now and finally ate at Freddies. Not gourmet or even particularly creative... Just good, good food. I ordered a special pork chop which to be honest wasn't my favorite BUT the chops were large and really well prepared. Wife's pasta was excellent. Can't wait to sample the rest of the menu and some of their standbys which I hear are great. Service was beyond stellar from door to dessert. Kind, courteous and helpful.

Joshua N., Hoboken, NJ